Bus Transportation Information

Bus Vendor

First Student Transportation Inc.
227 North Liberty St.
Belchertown, MA 01007

Phone:   413-323-8316 & 413-323-8317
Fax:       413-323-8318

Manager:   Joan Crowther


Bus Forms & Letters

Childcare Transportation Information and Request Form

Childcare Transportation Letter for 2021-2022

Childcare Transportation Request Form for 2021-2022


School Bus Transportation Passes

Per the School Committee on August 25, 2020, bus pass fees are waived for the 2020/2021 School Year


Bus Pass Sliding Scale Request Form

Per the School Committee on August 25, 2020, bus pass fees are waived for the 2020/2021 School Year

Updated Bus Routes with Return to School on April 5, 2021

Bus Routes for Remainder of 2021 School Year

Bus Routes 2020- 2021 





Late Bus Information

Late bus transportation is available to students in Grades 5-12 on a limited basis throughout the school year.  The late bus is available to students from Chestnut Hill Community School, Jabish Brook Middle School, and Belchertown High School on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of the week, from October 1st thru December, and from February 1st through April.

Late buses are available at Chestnut Hill and Belchertown High School at 4:00 pm. Students are to board the late bus at these respective locations, and are then shuttled to Jabish Brook Middle School.  All students taking late bus transportation are then reassigned, based upon their destination, to one of three buses.  Late bus transportation then leaves from Jabish Brook Middle School at approximately 4:15 pm.

Late bus transportation may be cancelled at any time due to inclement weather, and announcements for these cancellations will be made at the schools. Please be aware that late bus transportation routes are NOT door to door, but will be as close as possible to a home residence.  Students may need to make a short walk from their drop off point to get home.  Please contact your child’s school and/or the bus company for specific questions related to the late bus drop off location for your student.