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Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year.  All schools offer breakfast & lunch everyday.  The menu is planned according to state specifications for calories, sodium, and fat.  A la carte items meet state “A list” standards for healthy school snacks.  We serve a variety of fruits and vegetables daily including fresh local, canned, frozen, & dried options.  We serve apples from Phoenix Farms, and vegetables from the Belchertown School Garden when in season.

To identify themselves at the cafeteria register, students preK-3rd grade use name cards provided by and kept at the school, and students 4-12th grade use a 4 digit pin.  We match names and photos at the register to verify identity. Student pin numbers should be kept confidential and not shared between students. Utilizing another student's account to make purchases may be considered theft.  Students will receive pin numbers have been sent home and students will also receive them on the first day of school.

Payment options available to parents and guardians include online, check, & cash.  You can view all account information at, even if you do not pay online.  As per the district meal charging policy here, students will not be denied a meal or given a substitute meal due to an inability to pay, and financial matters will be handled at the adult level.  It is the parent/guardian responsibility to monitor meal accounts and ensure they are fully funded to avoid a negative balance.  If accounts become negative, the district will pursue funds collection via email, phone, and letter reminders until debt is completely repaid. 

To pay online, visit  New this year, myschoolbucks is offering OnePay, a membership option that limits transaction fees to $12.95 per year for a single student/$26.95 for a family when parents/guardians pay directly from their checking account.  Online payments with a credit card incur a $2.49 fee per deposit.  If you plan to make more than 5 deposits per year, a OnePay membership will save you money.  The district does NOT receive any financial benefit from online payment fees.  The fee is charged to the Myschoolbucks program from banks for providing secure online fund collection.  

You may also send a check to school with your student, made out to “Town of Belchertown” with student’s full name written in the memo area.  Please do not send cash deposits larger than $10 to the school with your student.  If you need to make a deposit larger than $10 with cash, make arrangements to remit payment directly to the school’s main office or to the food service director listed below.

Click here to see instructions on setting up your '' account.

Free and Reduced price meal applications are available any time on the district website, at central office and at the main office of every school.  Income based eligibility guidelines are published in the Sentinel in August.  Free and reduced eligibility status from last school year will carry over for 30 days into this school year.  After that, all students without an approved application will be charged full price for meals. If your student is determined eligible and you would like to be considered for other reduced price school fees, please fill out the disclosure form and return to school with the application.  If you are new to the free and reduced meal program, or your family experiences a financial hardship, you may submit an application at any time during the year. If approved, benefits begin as of the date of application, and any debt accumulated prior to that date needs to be repaid to the district.   

We make accommodations for students with documented food allergies.  If this pertains to your child, please submit a doctors note regarding the food allergy to the school nurse.  The district follows an allergy substitution plan for all major allergens, and this plan will be distributed to you.  New this year, we are offering lactose free milk for students who are lactose intolerant and have a doctor's note on file.  We have also expanded our gluten free options through a local collaboration with Randall’s Farm.

Menus can be found at the bottom of this page, as well as in the local paper.  Belchertown School Meals are planned using Nutri-kids software. This software enables parents to view the nutritional content of the school lunches; click "View Nutrients" on any given day of the school menu. 

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you, the students, and the community in the coming year.  If at any time I can be of assistance, please contact me directly.

Kelly Slattery, RD, LDN

Food Service Director
(413) 323-0442



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