Swift River Elementary School

Swift River Elementary School

57 State Street
Belchertown, MA 01007

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Fax: 413-323-0492

Our Mission: The mission of the Belchertown Public Schools is to ensure that every student meets with success every day. To that end, we pledge to ensure that we have rigorous, standards-based curriculum; instruction designed to meet the needs of diverse learners in every classroom; access the global learning community via state-of-the-art technology in schools that are communities of respect and civility for all.


Effective 7/01/2021, all Belchertown Public School registrations for all schools will be processed at our Central Office location. Please reference the Belchertown Public School website, www.belchertownps.org, for additional information regarding all Swift River Elementary School registrations.


COVID-19 Update



SRE misses you!!!
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Belchertown Public Schools' Plan for Remote Learning

          A structured daily schedule is beneficial to both students and families whenever possible, but can be difficult to maintain while at home during these challenging times.

          The following plans have been developed to support the district's remote learning expectations.

All schools within the Belchertown Public School District are expected to follow both of the models described below.


1) District Plan for Remote Learning

2) Daily Schedule for Remote Learning
at Swift River Elementary School



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