Other Health Resources:   American Academy of Pediatrics   Center for Disease Control   Belchertown Wellness Policy   Parent's Guide to the Teenage Brain   Healthy Eating   Kids Health   Free Parent Webinar regarding Children & Cutting & Self Harming Behavior Brochures for Mass 211 (free resource for families provided by the United Way of Massachusetts. The24 hour/7 day a week confidential hotline (dial... Read More
We appreciate your patience as we prepare for the end of the 2019-2020 school year.  Last week, the teachers cleaned out the classrooms and prepared them for the close of the year.  All student belongings from the classrooms as well as the lockers have been gathered, placed in a labeled bag, and are ready for pick up. We will be having a curbside pick-up in accordance with a staggered schedule at the end of the school year.  Details regarding the pick up as well as the schedule can be found here:     Please review... Read More
Transition is never easy and because of the challenging times we are in, it may be even more difficult.  That is why we, at CHCS, are doing several things to support students and families with the transition to fourth grade. A video as shared with incoming grade 4 students through their third grade google classrooms.  The video was created by many of the Chestnut Hill faculty with whom students would typically be working in their fourth grade year.  This video serves as an introduction to the names and faces of those people.   Here is... Read More