Rotation: Monday, 3/9 Day A, Tuesday, 3/10 Day B, Wednesday, 3/11 Day C, Thursday, 3/12 Day D, Wednesday, 3/13 Day E March 6th - Mid Term March 11th- School Banking Day March 13th - Mid term progress reports emailed by secure file email. Congratulations to the winners of the 7th grade boys 3 on 3 basketball tournament:  Evan Ferguson, Ian McDonald, and Jake Waller.  Congratulations to the wiinners of the 8th grade 3 on 3 basketball tournament: Jackson Couchon, Tyler Marino, and Cal Orzech.  The 7th and 8th grade girls tournament will be held today from 2:30 - 4:00... Read More
Monday 3/2-Day C, Tuesday 3/3-Day D, Wednesday 3/4-Day E, Thursday 3/5-Day F, Friday 3/6- Day G March 6th- Mid Term March 11th- School Banking Day To All Students:  Due to the timing of the Coronavirus outbreak, the "Save the Fruit" initiative will be suspended until further notice.  Thanks to all of you who participated and please remember that the Medical Professionals are actually recommending that we eat better (more fruit) during this period to stay as healthy as we can. Attention all 8th graders who are going to D.C.  Please start to get your rooming... Read More
Welcome Back!  We hope that you had a great vacation week. Rotation: Monday 2/24 - Day E, Tuesday 2/25 - Day F, Wednesday 2/26 - Day G, Thursday 2/27 - A, Friday 2/28 - Day B 2/26- School Banking Day There is no Acceptance Club this week. Sign up for the boys and girls 3 on 3 basketball tournament today!  Winners receive t-shirts and the 8th grade winners will get their names engraved on a plaque.  Cost is $3.00 per team.  Sign up outside the boys locker room.  See Mr. Sigda for details.  The tournament will beginn with 7th grade boys on March 9th.
Rotation: Monday 2/10-Day G, Tuesday 2/11 - Day A, Wednesday 2/12 - Day B, Thursday 2/13 - Day C, Friday 2/14 - Day D 2/12 - Stop by the Villa Rose on February 12th for dinner and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the JBMS PTO. 2/15 - School Banking Day Monday 2/10- Jazz Band is cancelled for today. Pathfiinder Interviews have been scheduled for Wednesday, February 12th 9:25-11:02.  Passes will be given to homeroom teachers for that morning.  Please watch for them and if you do not get one, first ask your homeroom teacher and then if they do not have it, please go... Read More
Principal's Newsletter February 2020